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F this S in the A!

NOT FAIR!! i wrote a whole damn long entry, and my computer crashed and ate it. stuipd crappy scratched up cd i borrowed from someoen at work crashed my crappy cd copier and gave my computer herpaids and froze everythign up. LAME.

so anyway, i'll try to summarize: work was funny today, lady i worked with was very tired. i almost never go on aim anymore. maybe i'll go on more soon, i don't know. i drink too much soda cuz it's cheap. cumby's food sucks but i eat it when i'm working.

the first version was much more entertaining. ah well, your loss. i got to read it when i was writing it.

i should've gone to bed about 20 minutes ago, i think.

what the flying fuck was that??? i just opened outlook to check something in an email i got today, and some spam that apparntly had shown up before the crash without me noticing - because it was at teh bottom of the list in my inbox - became what outlook selected adn put in the preview pane. i guess it had some retarded script in it or something to open its website in another window, only it was defective and KEPT OPENING IT IN MORE AND MORE WINDOWS UNTIL I DELETED TEH DAMN THING. it opened 8 windows of the same stupid page which after all that was in chinese or something anyway so i didnt even know what i'd been spammed by. hanbaba or something like that.

so before it is two weeks from now, i'll say i hung out with rain19 on.. um.. saturday? no, wednesday! yeah. it was pretty cool.. i drove down to gilford and waited at the PO for her to show up, whcih she did soon enough. she was taller than i expected. so yeah, we had fun and went to weirs beach to do stupid tourist things. dude, i wanna live there, that place rules. there's waterslides and arcades and like 3 minigolf places on teh same street, and a big slow stupid train (its "warning: we are driving by at 1 mile per decade, get out of our way" bell clangs CONSTANTLY and is horribly annoying. whoever is driving that thing and has to listen to that bell all day must be suicidal or deaf), and she gave me coupons for free mcd's food for no reason, cuz she has a billion of them. last night, before heading to jack's, i was hungry and figured i'd use one, and i realized i have no idea where any mcdonalds near my house are, cuz i never eat there. eventually i remembered there's one on hooksett rd at the 2nd river rd turn - wait, it's the 1st, isnt it! damn, it's been so long since i went that way, i can't remember where any of the routes come out. i have to go exploring there now and re-remember all that.
wait, i was talking about rain. so yeah, we wandered around weir beach, wasted lots of money at the arcade, drove around (that place is confusing. none of the intersectiosn make sense), and so forth. twas fun. she's a damn cool girl.

o yeah, went to the butterfly place w/ my family friday. that was pretty cool actually. it's exactly what it sounds like: a big plant/flower-y room full of a bazillion butterflies, and you stand around and watch them flit, and listen to the old guy who runs the place rant about how lawns are evil cuz butterflies can't live in them (and orderly gardens and flowerbeds are almost as bad). he had some caterpillars and various bugs on the counter he was standing at - there were some damn big caterpillars: one type was about 4 inches long and as thick as my big toe. they were munching on leaves and stuff, it was pretty cool to watch. and he had a 'hissing cockroach' and some walking sticks (i dont like those bugs cuz they could be crawling all over the place outside and i woudlnt notice. i remember having a dream once when i was about 10, which ended with me falling into this temple-of-doom style trough FULL of worms and beetles and all manner of nasty crawly thing. i don't mind bugs much individually, but when they gang up on me i get freaked out)

dawn (lady i worked with today) laughed at me for watchign a fly and said i was easily amused. the fly was trying to eat the register, dammit, that's weird! flies don't eat metal. of course i was watching it.

aw crap, it's almost 5am. sucks!


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