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busses are hotbeds of excitement

at the bus station yesterday, i had to call 911 for some dude whose tracheotomy tube was stuck or something. i'm not entirely clear what was wrong with him, because he was so blasé about it - he was sitting next to me on the bench and he just leaned over and was like, hey can you call 911 for me? i asked what was wrong, and he just tapped his throat. so anyway, i call, and while we're waiting i ask if there's anything i can do for him. first, he wanted something to drink. there was a dude at the end of the bench drinking iced tea. so i went up to him and was like hey that guy there is having trouble breathing, can he get a sip of your tea? the dude stares at me and says "i don't have anything for him!" but whatever, i suppose it's a weird request. so i got a gatorade bottle out of the trash and filled it at the water fountain. then the guy sent me outside to get his stuff that he'd left on the sidewalk. his stuff turned out to be 3 big plastic bags full of pills and things. so i brought in his sacks of drugs, and at this point the ambulance showed up. also at this point some other fellow with a cane passed out right next to him. the ambulance people come in, i say i called and gesture to the guy. they're like "oh kenny, he's a regular" and they start talkin to the passed out guy. i tell them it's the other guy, so they start working on him too. he gets put on a stretcher and rolled out. the passed out guy gets a little vial of smelling salts held under his nose. he just kind of waved it away and rolled over, so the ambulance man drops the vial on his head. no yolk! eventually he rouses and is walked out to the ambulance.
the best part? the PA system was blasting the fucking william tell overture the whole time

then today, taking the bus home from work, the driver got lost.

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