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the unlikely existance of the middle class

this has some serious flaws - particularly, for me, dismissing out of hand the notion of "leveling the playing field", that hey maybe americans losing some standard of living so the rest of the world can rise a little isn't utterly wrong, and relatedly tariffs, because obviously it's the rest of the world's business if it wants to live in poverty so long as nobody else is making cars for less than detroit is - but it's a take on the definition/function/existence of the middle class that i haven't really encountered before.
As the Wall Street Journal noted in 1997, Alan Greenspan sees one of his main jobs as being to maintain a high enough level of "worker insecurity" that employees won't demand pay raises and benefits increases, thus provoking "wage inflation." (this is from 2004, when greenspan was still running the fed)

as a sidenote, bumblefoot - much like buckethead - is fucking awesome on his own, but reduced by axl to a manniquenn who occasionally busted out guitar solos.

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