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January 13th, 2009

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12:46 pm - boringnotes
good: i've been listening to a lot of doo-wop lately. it's pretty sweet.

bad: my right hand has been aching pretty bad since yesterday. dunno why.

good: today i am going to ihop with wayne. getting paid to eat pancakes! he wanted to go after i mentioned going with mark last week, which i will talk about later because it was kind of disastrous.

good: i used to love this song in college (they had the cd at wunh), and every so often i would look for it online but i could never find it til now. so now i can listen to it 900 times a day.

good: speaking of things from college i haven't been able to find online til just recently, aly exists again! we all had no idea what hole in the earth she fell into. turns out it was arizona.

bad: bach is still broke.

good: but we'll pull through.
np: el guapo - fake french - 04 - space tourist

(en garde!)

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