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movie morality

!spoilers, for the 3 people who haven't seen these movies yet!

so thanks to the magic of getting paid to bring clients to movies and the people i work with liking batman, i've seen the dark knight 3 times now. while i still like it as much as i did, there are some serious flaws in this movie that have become apparent. aside from scarecrow being wasted even worse than in batman begins, and the plot holes which are kind of amusingly blatant (like what the fuck happened in the fundraiser after batman goes diving off the roof? i like to think joker made a donation and went home), the morals of this movie really bother me. not because i disagree with them, but because no room is given to disagree with them. like when whatshisface has to die or a hospital explodes, it's basically shown that anyone who would want to kill him is insane with rage or terribly conflicted because they have a relative in the hospital. basically, even the people who want him dead seem to agree it's wrong to do so. does no one even consider the idea that maybe one dude's life is not worth the lives of a big building full of people? the same thing happens on the boats. joker says straight up that if one of the boats doesn't blow up the other one, both will explode. but rather than have people legitamitely weigh the options, it's basically self-serving wimps who can't bear to take the responsibility for what they cravenly want vs strong people willing to sacrifice themselves. even the fucking joker seems to agree with this assessment. now if you agree that is the moral choice, that's fine, but it's basically portrayed as a "you're christian or you're heathen" setup.
and i still flat out don't understand why harvey dent becoming twoface would instantly mean everyone he locked up has a get out of jail free card. did the prosecutions have no evidence? did he wink at the jury a lot? i mean, yeah, i'm sure it would swing public opinion some (though i doubt the city would suddenly be pro-mob), but that has little to do with the success of appeals.

also, moulin rouge, which was on tv recently. i forgot how good that movie is, but it's amoral as hell. the good characters, in my view, are more dispicable than the duke. basically, these people who continually claim nothing is more important than love get the duke to love satine and she pretends to love him back, all to get his money. hurrah! and before you tell me he was just feeling lust, i'd say that's what satine and the uninteresting main dude are feeling as well. how much of the elephant medley is him singing songs about fucking and running?

both movies do rule tho.

in other news, either i like to sign up for websites (some of which i've never heard of) while in a fugue state, or there is another kingnixon running around somewhere.

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