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clusterfucking phone party

it has been quite awhile since i was this frustrated by a company, and today it's 2 companies cooperating in a waltz of douchery. i wish i'd kept copies of the FOUR messages i just had to send UPS through their site, but i didn't think to, so i'll summarize.

i am switching back to t-mobile because credo is a shitty phone company. so, in roughly chronological order of things that pissed me off about this process:

1) t-mobile switched over my service before my phone actually came. it shut off sometime yesterday morning, which i discovered when i was on the bus trying to call work to say i was gonna be late because oh hey snow everywhere and the bus was like 20 min late.
2) the driver came while i was at work yesterday, and left with nary a mention. again today while i was on the way home from work, and left a note saying "sender requested a signature to confirm delivery". now first, the lady i talked to at t-mobile today says they never ask for signatures, so one of these two companies is lying to me. but more interesting is that, with both me and t-mobile telling ups to NOT require a sig when they come back tomorrow, they flat-out refuse. they want a signature, and they will have a signature, and if their customers don't like it they can go fuck themselves. they also refuse to give me a time estimate. i'm not asking for nanoseconds here, i just want to know if it will come before 3pm when i leave for work. that's a wide enough window, isn't it? also the people i talked to at ups were all dicks, and their online 'email' form limits you to 500 characters. basically ups blows toads.
3) since they are having such issues with delivering my phone, i went to the site and selected the option for picking the thing up at their office. now, a) the office my package is at is in warwick. they have like 900 offices in providence, but none of those felt like hosting my phone evidently. b) the warwick office is a half hr walk from the bus stop. and that's on a regular day, not an ice-laden slippery hellhole of a day like today. c) happily, andrea offered to drive me, as she has to go to warwick anyway. however, ups called me an hour later (on the house phone that no one ever answers) to say i could not pick up my package today because the driver still has it and won't be back til after they close. but cannot bring it back to my house because, i dunno, he's lazy i guess. ri is not that big to begin with, and i refuse to believe ups has only one driver for the whole state. how far away could he be? but at any rate, i could've learned all this a lot faster except that ups refuses to give out phone #s for local branches. so instead of speaking to someone who knew what was up, i had to talk to some idiot who had no idea what the actual situation was because he's in nevada or new delhi or some fuckin place that isn't rhode island. apparently the only allowed system is he passes msgs to the local branch and they call me and leave messages because no one here answers the phone when it's working which ti doesn't seem to be today anyway. i can't get either handset to function. dunno why.

haha i'm not very good at this chronological listing thing. my paragraphs got steadily longer and more involved.

so anyway the moral is fuck that shit

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