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"america, you fickle bitch!" --chris wylde

chris wylde is a damn funny fellow, in that 'what the hell is he on?' sort of way. he's got a talkshow on comedy central.

evolution will turn your life around --oleander, never again

that's one of those lines i hear and instantly wish i'd written it, ya know..

i discovered the other day that my friend's band is opening for kith and the bosstones, when they play hampton. yay for skully b!

so i had my plan for today pretty well mapped out.. get up around 11ish, call michelle, go hang out/have lunch awhile, do whatever. she had to be at work at like 4 or so. go to the bank, talk to em about creditcards and what i should be aware of and what's good and so forth, come home, call rain for awhile, call steph, hang out, go to goodwill and pick up some snazzy threads, pick up ink cartridge for the printer. a good full day. funny how it didn't quite go as planned.
not bad, per se, mind you. a) i was up til like 6 reading lj, and therefore decided i would rather sleep than get up at 11. so i got up at 1ish instead. i'll call michelle tomorrow, s'all good. so, got up planning to do a little cleaning. turned on my computer so i could have winamp playing some groovey tunes, and end up reading lj til like 4. dammit. (on the plus side, i'm all caught up on my firends page finally). anywayz, went to the bank. that was a waste of time, the lady knew nothing. meh. so come home, call rain, listen to her explain yet again why her boyfriend sucks at life but she refuses to do anythign about it (this all sounds terribly familiar). call steph, she can't do anything cuz her aunt is coming to visit from florida tonite.. randomly.. so we talked for awhile, then i went off to goodwill. i got 3 shirts and i'm quite pleased with them - a bright orange collared shirt, an amusing offwhite collared shirt with blue hawaiianshirt style flowers drawn on it (it's not a hawaiian shirt, mind you, just that style flower), and a orange with grey sleeves shirt that i randomly spotted and is kinda cool. w00t. i got there like 10 mins before the place closed (they close an hour earlier now! jerks) so i didnt get to find any shorts and/or pants.
o yeah, i don't think i ever mentioned this here (which is funny, cuz i've been bitching about it all week). work decided for no particular reason that t shirts are now outlawed. even tho i have to wear an apron over it so no one can see my shirt anyway so it doesnt matter. but yeah, hafta wear collared shirts now. no mention of what sort of collared shirt mind you, just can't be t shirts. so i'm going for ridiculous. THEY WILL RUE THE DAY THEY BANNED MY WARDROBE! FNARR UNTO THEE, CUMBERLAND!
yeah. so i was planning to go to the mall after and get my ink cartridge, but realized i have no idea what kind i need. so that's been postponed. i stopped at ben franklins to see if allie was working but she wasnt. gaby was tho. ya know, ppl always say how she's annoying and i never saw it til tonite.. we talked for a few minutes and gawd, it was drivel on both ends. ah well.. she's living in englehardt next year, haha.
o yeah, and i stopped at homevision cuz i was in a movie mood. i was looking at the movies they have for sale.. it's buy 2 get 1 free, adn they had a bunch selling for 3.99 each, so thatd end up being a damn good deal. i was all about getting sleepy hollow, 9th gate, and talented mr ripley (was also tempted by requiem for a dream, but it was 8 bucks) when i realized that itd be kinda dumb. i wanna get a dvd player sometime in the nearish future, so why get more movies now when i'll want hte dvds then? yeah. so i came home and watched fright night which my mom taped last night for some reason. it was a much better movie when i was 10, i think.. or however old i was when i saw it, i forget.

i still have that feeling i got at jack's the other day, of being disconnected from everyone. i dont really know what to do.

i'll round out this installment of Dan Has Nothing Useful To Say with a story from work.. this happened last night. now, nh law states that you can't buy alcohol if you're drunk, or if you're with a minor (even if you yourself are legal). i think that 2nd bit only applies to parents/kids if they make it plain theyre gonna get the kid drunk. but whatever, stupid laws. so anyway, this guy comes in last night.. me and melissa are working (by which i mean standing around and talking about godsmack). he wants to buy a 30 pack. i card him cuz he looks youngish, and he's 22, so it's all good. cept melissa points out that hte girl driving the car he pulled up in needs to show us some ID too (she's a hardass about this stuff, aparently). the guy gets all pissed off, she says that's the law and sorry not our choice and blah blah. he starts yelling, saying how he's hammered and she was nice enough to drive him out there. so now we definitley can't sell to him. he starts swearing his head off and storms out. now, we're right across the street from a 7-11, we can see him heading over there. so melissa calls the place and tells hte guy working that some guy is about to come in to buy beer, but he's drunk and with a minor, so don't sell him shit. anyway, long story short, a few minutes later we see the guy walk back out of the store with a 30 pack. melissa is RIPSHIT. she calls the cops but they say, since hte guy already drove off, they can't go arrest the clerk on just her word, but she should call the guy's manager and the liquer commission in the morning. i can only assume she did so. so anyway, that dude is fired, and depending on if they've had any problems before, the 7-11 will either get a big fine or lose their liquer license. wiping out the competition rules. i feel like jim profit.

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