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lars fish - red house

poking through the bach site, i came across a song which was written about milhaus - one of the houses bach used to have before brown went to war with us

who lives in the red house? who resides there?
no firemen and no policemen, no shopkeeper, no friend of mine!
they don't wash their dishes
they don't wash their hair
lord i wonder what it is they do in there

red house has a light on, on the topmost floor
a shadow in the window is watching me when i cross the street
(better stay away, wanna live another day)
i've seen people going in
i've seen people coming out
but it seems to me there's more that go in than come out

i met a guy at a party and he spoke to me
he said i can't believe you live there because you look so clean
they don't rinse their dishes
and they never sweep their stairs
lord i wonder what kind of life lives in there

once you move in, man, you never move out
once you move in, man, you never move out
once you move in, man, you never move out
it's good to know some things don't change.

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