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January 31st, 2009

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08:52 am - hahaha pt 34567
so an email came in at 3am informing me that due to my terrible woe, my package has been put on urgent same-day pickup today. even though i was assured repeatedly yesterday that ups does not opperate on saturdays. so why don't htey put it on delivery today? no clue. but more to the point, this does me no good, AS THEY WERE ALREADY INFORMED, because it's being held at a branch that is a 2 hr round trip from here and i simply don't have the time for that. soooooooo fuck ups. again. seriously, how many companies can fuck up when they're not even supposed to be open yet? it's like they hired some latenight mistakes staff, to be sure the flow of idiocy was not interrupted.

supdate: so it turns out that by "same-day" they actually meant "2 days from now" and this is informing me i should pick it up monday. DELIVER IT ON FUCKING MONDAY DON'T MAKE ME DO YOUR JOB I HATE YOU

on the plus side, i might possibly have maybe solved my problem. i called t-mobile and bitched at people until they agreed to my brilliant plan: i will go to a t-mobile store, buy the stupid phone myself, be credited for it on my account, cancel the ups delivery, activate the phone, and drink until my heart stops.
np: Vito & The Salutations - unchained melody

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Date:February 2nd, 2009 07:01 am (UTC)
You kill me every time you use that damned icon!

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