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the last i will write about ups

here is the final transcript of my bbb complaint against ups:

The UPS driver came while I was at work Wednesday, and left without leaving any note or anything. Again Thursday while I was at work, and left a note saying "sender requested a signature to confirm delivery". With both me and the lady at t-mobile telling UPS to NOT require a sig when they come back Friday, they flat-out refuse. Thursday afternoon, I selected the option for picking it up at their office. UPS responds an hour later to say I cannot because the driver still has it and won't be back till after they close. I could've learned all this a lot faster except that UPS refuses to give out phone #s for local branches. So instead of speaking to someone who knew what was up, I had to talk to someone who had no info on what the actual situation was. The only allowed system is they pass msgs to the local branch who call me and leave messages on my answering machine because I have no phone. Anyway tho, I told them to deliver it Friday because I had no way to get down to their office. They agreed to this. I later talked to someone at t-mobile, who confirmed with UPS that it would be delivered Friday. Friday I check their site and it says that the package is being held at their office for me to pick up. I call and am told the same thing, but get a supervisor to call the local branch. She reports to me that the driver does in fact have my package and it's on the way. Needless to say, no one from UPS ever came here today; no note was left or anything.

We apologize to Mr. Widrew for the inconvenience with his delivery. If the shipper requires a signature upon delivery, the status cannot be changed. Our customer service offices are able to handle any situation and could have explained to him that the package would not be available until later in the evening. The package center will call back within one hour of the Same-Day WillCall request to let the customer know what time the package will be available. We are sorry that the package didn't go out for re-delivery on Friday. The package was successfully delivered on Monday 2/2/09. UPS considers this matter closed.

succesfully delivering the package is great, but does not make the matter closed. i was home most of the day friday waiting for a package you forgot to deliver, then i went on a 2 hr roundtrip monday and was late to work, all to pick up a package you forgot to hold onto. i have not even been given any attempt at an explanation for either day. and most of what you've just said is plain wrong. no, your customer service dept cannot handle any situation. they are the ones who told me it would be delivered friday, and would be held monday. they don't have any idea at all what is going on in the local branches, which is why it is so irresponsible to forbid customers from directly contacting the people they eventually have to deal with. and also, letting the customers contact people directly would be helpful for the times when nobody calls back to respond to requests. the only call i got this entire time was on thursday telling me it could not be held. there's nothing particular i expect out of this, seeing as it was t-mobile and not me who had the relationship with you to begin with, but i am still very unhappy with this experience and don't plan to deliver anything via ups in the future.

We are very sorry that you were told the package was out for delivery on Friday 1/30/09, when, in actuality, it was held for pickup at the local UPS center. We are unable to explain why you were told it was out for delivery. Thank you for picking up the package. As a gesture of goodwill, a check in the amount of $25.00 will be sent to you to cover the cost of shipping and gas to pick up the package. We hope you will still consider us for your shipping needs in the future. UPS considers this matter closed.

i won't bother to press this further, because i don't really care enough. but i am still not happy with how this was handled and don't plan to use ups in the future. i wasn't here haggling to get 25 bucks; i'd happily tell you to keep the check if i felt like my concerns were taken seriously. this is not an issue of one annoyed kid, i'm trying to tell you there are obvious flaws in your system: customers are required to work through customer service people who, quite intentionally from what i can gather, are removed from what is actually happening. all they know is what the computer says, and in this case that was frequently wrong. having the local office call people back is not always an option. and more generally, the company's whole manner of dealing with this has been imperious. i don't want to be told repeatedly that things are fine and you consider the matter closed. i was told that repeatedly from thursday onward, and it still isn't true, because there's no reason this won't happen to other people if nothing is fixed.

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