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a) so the fencing constitution is now duly ratified. that was a useless way to spend 2 hours. it really didn't live up to the whatthehellness sam had implied. ah well.
b) i won at smash bros 3 times in a row! i rule! twice w/ link and once w/ kirby.
c) tomrorow sometime, the woodruff action committie, consisting of (presumably) art, mike, nick, and me if i'm around when they leave, will be going to further inspect the apparent NUCLEAR WASTE STORAGE ON CAMPUS. not that i'm making any unfounded claims, or anything, you understand. but nick went to poke around earlier today, he reports, with a flashlight.. the building has a big radiation symbol on it, it's out in the woods past the train tracks (right near hte durham water supply, i might add), and looking in the window, apparnelty it's full of barrels, each of which also has a radioactive symbol on it. hmmmm... so when we all get 3 eyes, you heard it here first.

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