Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

so no doubt you have a burning desire to know what's been up this week, and who am i to deny burning

tuesday me and a client in a wheelchair were trying to get to ihop for all you can eat pancakes. 2 busses with broken chair lifts, 1 bus that was supposed to be held for us but wasn't, and 1 van with a broken chairlift later, we get to ihop to find out they'd discontinued that a couple weeks ago. thursday i got an "i just don't feel that way about you". something happened friday and saturday that i forget now. today another client had a spasm that made me about 3 min late to my bus which made me miss the weekly magic card games that were basically all i was looking forward to this week. meanwhile since thursday i've been paging one of my supervisors to reschedule a meeting monday, because i remembered i have a dr appointment. she finally called me back today and basically bitched me out for paging her repeatedly. a diff supervisor begged me to go in this evening for an hour to give a client his meds because no one else could. i got there, and client informed me someone had already given him his meds hours ago. the bus home was no longer running because it was late sunday, so i got to walk a half hr home to no purpose. and it was starting to rain

EDIT and the milk's gone sour

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