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this weekend

was awesome! saturday i went up to boston for an open house at northeastern. met some nice people - including a girl who lives right near here, made a friend on the train, got myself twice as excited for school as i was, and basically decided that living in the school housing makes a lot of sense, at least for 1st year. though it will be kind of a shame to move back into a tiny closet after my bigass room at watermyn, it's just too convenient. it's right next to school, right next to a T stop and the commuter rail to prov, just generally a lot less worry. after the co-ops i want to live somewhere awhile that i don't have to think about. also at the open house they fed us handsomely which i wasn't expecting, and gave us pens and hats. bribery for the win. the only downside of this trip was my traveling incompetence: i missed the bus to the train station so had to trek out there in the morning, then missed my train on the way back and had to bum around for 2 hrs til the next one came. i was pretty tired so i just found some random campus building and took a nap.
thennnn next was scuffy's bday party! which involved twister and clue [1] and and cupcakes and burning a 6 ft paper mache scuffigy that we all decorated. met more nice people. a splendid evening, all around.
sunday i went to work which was fine, then went to my weekly magic tournament, where i came in 3rd with a very shitty deck. so yay. then we played some more for fun and my deck got progressively worse for some reason. i wasn't drawing any lands!

[1] this is the first time in my life i have played clue properly. it was always a game i did mousetrap style, where we'd just fuck around with the pieces and not pay attention to the rules.

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