Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

ire land

it just now occurred to me that 'ireland' basically means land of wrath. sweeeet. grr!

so hi. i am really bad at summarizing. but let's see here... it's awesome hangin out with lauri again. her fella is rad and her apt is palatial. we went to the museum of i believe archeology, which contained lots of old stuff and 10k year old dead bodies and replica swords we got to wield and more old stuff and signs insulting the irish warfare capacity. we played a truly epic rockband session. we went to a traditional pub, where a roomful of people randomly busted out songs about dead lovers, and boning old men from the internet, and the like. i was shocked at the paltry beer selection. apparently everyone in ireland drinks guiness and bud. hmm.
for the most part, dublin is A City. cities tend to be all the same, by and large. the only ones i've been to that didn't seem like all the other ones i've been to are nyc and sanfran. in a couple hours i will be off to galway tho, which should be much more irish and less city. and we will go to the giant's causeway tomorrow, so i may be eaten by giants.

aaaand i was sick for a few days. normal stomach flu type thing, but those normally only last a day for me. i blame wrathland. i seem to be better now, tho i am pretty drained. the exertion of eating half a bowl of dry cheerios required a 3 hr nap. we were supposed to go to the cliffs of insanity, but apparently that's a 3 hr hike and in my present state i would likely die.

(yes i realize ireland is probably from some gaelic and nothing to do with ire)

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