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what the shit - here is where i live

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April 17th, 2001

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04:37 pm - what the shit
someone broke into my room. i pseudo realized it earlier today but it just clicked. i've been finding random wads of papers taht aren't mine. like those stupid "what to do in case of fire" things they stick to the doors. mine's still up, this came from somewhere else. and pieces of some weird waxy paper. theyre not mine, no one put them there when i was around. someone broke into my room. i am not pleased. i dont think anything is missing, all my stuff is still here that i can see. (do i even own anything valuable? cds and granola bars...) that just makes it weirder. like when someone broke into heron's room to turn her stereo on. there's some damn weirdo who wanted to put things in my room. ????
state: pissed offpissed off
np: Ben Folds Five - cigarette

(4 shots upside the head | en garde!)


Date:April 17th, 2001 03:29 pm (UTC)

that's horrid

that really sucks. you should booby trap your room
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Date:April 17th, 2001 06:03 pm (UTC)


that's a good idea, except taht i'd forget i did, and end up boobytrapping myself. which would make for an amusing story, but it would probably be annoying at the time. plus i'm not well versed in the finer points of boobytrapping, beyond home alone. [rigs up paint cans to hit people in teh head when they open my door]
Date:April 17th, 2001 06:22 pm (UTC)

do what i did

get your lock changed
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Date:April 17th, 2001 10:18 pm (UTC)

Re: do what i did

or, more simply, lock my door. to date, i've only done that when i was gonna be gone for a long time (like, if i'm leavin for the weekend, or for breaks, or whatever). i didn' really see the point - who is gonna wander the halls, checking each door if it's locked or not? plus, i tend to trust people until shown good reason not to. such as i now hvae.. (tho nothing's been taken, they just gave me random wads of paper. weirdos). so i guess i'll start doing that. ah well.. i enjoyed trusting my dormies..

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