Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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driving is for chumps

so as mentioned awhile ago, my work decreed i need a car. so i got a rental car for the summer, after which time i peace out for boston. i got a ford focus because it was cheap and i didn't know any better. as it turned out it kinda sucked. but fear not, for it died! thursday it started stalling every so often while i was driving. friday it started stalling VERY FREQUENTLY while i was driving. once it went in an intersection i knew it was time to give up the ghost and called the hertz roadside assistance people. naturally i had a client with me, but he didn't seem to mind sitting around an abandoned parking lot in pawtucket for 15 minutes until the cab came. so what does hertz give me as a replacement? some damn pt cruiser lookin thing. i asked the dude if they had anything else i could have, but he just kinda mumbled noise at me. i don't like driving larger vehicles! it's scary, i feel like i'm gonna crash all the time, and with heavier cars i can't tell how fast i'm goin. i was gonna bring it in today and demand a switch, but then i didn't ever get around to it because i was playing final fantasy II. i'm almost to the land of summoned monsters!

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