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a chris

i know many chrisses. i am going to post about one i don't know very well. one of my clients, wayne, has this dude chris who comes to visit him twice a week for a couple hrs. chris works for another agency that finds disabled people work. since wayne doesn't particularly want to work, his visits are more social than functional. chris - assuming it's not all a terrible con - is straight up the happiest dude i know. he is always grinning and boisterous and pleased with life. he married for love and his wife later became rich, he still works because he loves his job (except the paperwork). being rich and happy, he likes to get people little things. every time he comes to see wayne, he brings a large iced coffee for him and a large iced tea for me. i never asked for this; one day when i wasn't there he asked wayne what i drink when we go to dunkin donuts (which is often because wayne looooves his coffee), and he started showing up with it. he's this total johny sunshine of a person, and despite barely knowing him and not expecting to have much more contact with him in ever, i am glad he exists.

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