Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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i was talkin to a girl the other day who will remain nameless until i ask if she gives a shit about me postin this. she was saying how all the relationships she'd been in the past few yrs basically resulted from the guys aggressively pursuing her when she didn't particularly want to be with anyone, and that while she was happy in the relationships there was some amount of resentment over their initial pushiness. in my fear of being a creepo i try to be very unpushy and let other people lead interactions to be what they want, which accidentally makes me a different sort of creepo sometimes, but also is i think why i am in the failed romantic pattern that i am. which now that i think about it is just a longwinded way of saying nice guys finish last, which is a selfpitying way of saying the world owes me something for being good ie unobtrusive. which it doesn't, but sometimes i wish it did.

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