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August 12th, 2009

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08:03 pm - skoo
i was lookin at northeastern's site last night, and discovered that i already have homework! each class has reading assigned for day 1. eek! this place does not fuck around. move-in day is saturday (29th) and orientation starts monday, classes start wednesday, adn they're all like YOU WILL BE BUSY ALL THE TIME YOU WON'T HAVE TIME TO DO ANYTHING ONCE ORIENTATION STARTS. so people are somehow expected to open bank accts and organize their shit and get internet set up and everything else on.. sunday? so i was getting kinda stressed at all this, but i looked at my actual schedule and felt better. the courses themselves don't take up a huge chunk of the day. aaand my 1st class isn't til 10:30 except fridays when it's 1:30. mon/tues/fri i'm out by 3ish. so stuff will be totally doable around classes. except for the centuries of reading i will supposedly have every day. let's start a deadpool on if/when i drop out
np: The Arcade Fire - Funeral - 03 - Une Annee Sans Lumiere

(en garde!)

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