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my lunch lacked firecrackers :(

so i was having lunch today[1]. at the table next to me was a japanese dude and chinese lady, and of course i was snooping on their conversation because i'm a creeper. they were discussing how each of their cultures decides who sits where at a table. apparently in china the most respected person is seated so that they are facing the door out of the room, or out of the house i forget which. the japanese guy went into way more depth and i've forgotten it alll. the part that was interesting to me tho was when they moved on to how they think it works in the usa, which is apparently that the host and hostess sit at the heads of a long table everyone is then seated at boy/girl/boy/girl. also that on special occasions we set off firecrackers at the table, and we have place settings with seperate glasses for white and red wine.

basically what i learned from my eavesdropping is that they go to cooler parties than i do.

[1] pho! i am obsessed with pho lately. today i slammed through a whole bowl of it; usually those are good for 2 meals. also i put in a ton of hot sauce so while i'm eating it i have to constantly wipe my runny nose. i think the people who work at the pho place think i'm always sick.

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