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August 23rd, 2009

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12:58 pm
so i had my getting the hell outta providence party last night. in attendance: baba and jamie. MY ONLY FRIENDS IN THE WORLD. seriously, why am i such a failure at organizing parties? i don't think i've ever had a succesful one. ah well, it was still fun. i karaoked "ain't seen nothin yet" and "runaround sue", and some drunkoid lady extolled the virtues of my party hat at great length.

in other news, i had an mri the other day. a brown study about language processing. it was a really strange experience. basically, 40 minutes of being in a big coffin, constantly beeping and toning and thrumming. somehow despite the constant stimulation of 2 senses, it felt similar to what i imagine sensory deprivation tanks to be like (and reminded me that i want to try one). i kept zoning out and having nonsensical thoughts and lost all sense of time. i actually felt a little woozy when i came out.
sadly, getting my brain magnetized does not seem to have given me superpowers. but in a couple days i will be the proud owner of a video of my brain doing brain things. i'll youtube that shit up posthaste.
np: mystikal - danger

(en garde!)

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