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i had a discussion with my civil procedure prof today about the 3 types of prima facie. he was talking about it in class and mentioned there are two uses of the term, but neither of them seemed to match the way it was used when i encountered it. remember when i beat that speeding ticket because it's not illegal to speed in nh? that case was about the 3rd type, and we had a little discussion about it. i think that means i'm smart or something.

now being nearly 2 weeks into law school, i am still rocking my streak of getting free food and/or drink every day. today was a can of amp and a giant pixie stick pixy stix (this is the spelling on the tag. i have one stix?)! which is not very substantial, as food goes, and not strictly speaking from the school as they were both corporate handouts to this nice demographic of rich students, but i am going to count it because this streak is awesome and free is awesome and food is awesome. and now i'm on a twitchy sugar high. pixy stix are seriously nothing but sugar and citric acid and food coloring. it's burning my throat a little :o

another thing i did today - again, nearly 2 weeks into law school - was get my books. ya see, neu (which is what the hip kids official literature calls northeastern) has this student-run nonprofit do-gooder bookstore thing called CISP where i got supercheap used copies of my textbooks. except they only had the old editions of the books. i asked my profs if these were close enough and got resounding noes (including hackney telling me the old edition has "incorrect pagination" because he loves 10 dollar words). so i ordered used copies of the new books off amazon for way more than i got them at CISP but still way less than fullprice textbooks. and those just came today. so i've been using the old versions so far and yeah they are actually pretty different. oh well! all better now

i hate that i like a band with such a shitty bandname.

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