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a word is worth a thousand words

why do people support reading so much? for example, the big hubbub about harry potter getting kids to read and how incredibly wonderful that was. i mean, i'm a reader, books are rad, but i don't think it's inherently a more valuable pasttime than anything else. if someone wants to read or watch movies or look at paintings or whatever the hell passive entertainment you enjoy, good on ya. why is one better? i don't buy the standard argument that books exercise your imagination because you have to picture what's going on. a) this assumes you are picturing what's going on. for me, this depends on how it's written - some books are more cinematic than others. and really, if your book is THAT cinematic, just make a damn movie. also, just imagining what shit looks like is a relatively shallow bit of imagination, as imagining stories goes. b) by the same argument, wouldn't it be better to only read the plot summary on the back instead of the whole book, or to not read the book at all, so you can imagine THE WHOLE THING instead of just the visuals?

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