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December 9th, 2009

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03:14 pm - my fame spreads across the internet
on a whim, i just google image searched kingnixon. result #2 is a picture of my wallet with the headline "dream interpretation: i used my mom's vibrator!" result #4 is taylor hanson and andrew wk.

stuff like this is why i miss flickr with its tag searching and creative commons licensing. it leads to my photos being used in random people's blogs and on wikipedia etc. and lest we forget, there's the time i almost became a pornographer.
but i still have a grudge against them for ranking my account UNSAFE and refusing to answer my repeated emails asking why. not to mention, facebook is free so i'm kind of sold on that, even tho it's designed anti-sharing (with the general public, as opposed to solely with your friends), which is a shame. i realize it exist for a different purpose than flickr, but since they've become a general photo dump for a lot of people, they might as well embrace it. seems like it would mostly just take another privacy setting and some boxes to check for photo settings.
np: Dashboard Confessional - Swiss Army Romance - 08 - Again I Go Unnoticed

(en garde!)

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