Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

lately (past couple months) i've been unusually aware of the gendering of english[2]. the lack of accepted neutral pronouns, the way maleness is the assumed default state, etc. i find myself somewhat often intentionally phrasing things so gender is not specified needlessly. what makes this really odd to me is i don't know why i'm doing it. i mean, i have misgivings about this aspect of language - though no firm conclusions - but i am not consciously thinking "gee i should say this in an unspecific way". i just find myself doing so.

as a sidenote, the reading and/or editing teams (i forget which) of my law school Social Justice Project decided that in our giant written thing[1] we will use "she" for all pronouns that aren't referring to specific people. i find it distracting. i suppose that's part of the point.
they also banned such things as "and/or" which is just a shame. oh and semicolons. AND WE HAVE TO HAVE 2 SPACES AFTER EACH PERIOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT WHO DOES THAT

my sleeping and eating habits lately are both totally out of whack, and my body is starting to rebel against me. i suppose i should do something about this. but instead i'll just play magic online all day. it's all i want to do lately! ahh!

[1] i'm not being coy or anything, i just have no idea what to call it at this point. it's a report/guidebook/explanation/instruction manual/set of pamphlets/etc.

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