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things looking neat

i am getting over my awful cold, which means a) less coughing, b) every time i blow my nose or sneeze GIANT GLOBS come out, which i find endlessly amusing.
casey is in town! we are getting latelunch today.
3 day weekend! which didn't go to much use, but now means 4 day week!
next weekend i'm going to the reblaw conference in ct. lots of progresive lawyer types learning how to feel good about themselves and probably not change much but oh well it should be cool.
then that week i have off! northeastern loves giving us time off. i cleverly scheduled something for that wednesday, so i will try to change that so i can do cool things with my week. but hey. i plan to be in prov for part of it, and probably nh for part. i dunno, they are where i go when i have time to go places.

thank god my nose has stopped running. it was bad last night so i stuffed wads of tissue into my nostrils when i went to sleep. which means i had to mouthbreathe all night, and now my tongue hurts from getting all dried out.

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