Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

living beyond my means

so, given all of this, specifically that your monthly payments under IBR are not tied to the total amount you owe, and that i plan to do public interesty stuff so my debts are wiped after 10 years, is there any particular reason i shouldn't be living large on my student loans? i feel like there must be, because otherwise i am eating gold-plated caviar every night, but it seems to add up nice to me. am i missing something, or is my life about to get baller?

EDIT i think people are maybe taking my humor seriously. i am not planning to buy a yacht or anything. just as a point of comparison, my roommate eats out for every meal because he doesn't like to cook. in my mind, that is high class living (except usually he gets ABP or something boring, but besides the point)

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