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hey, i forgot i had tons of stuff to read tonite. haha. o well, at least i got to see die hard 2 ("die harder") tonite, that was amusing. that icicle scene was straight outta friday the 13th part bajillion.
so yeah, blahdeeblah reading. i have to finish "love medicine" by friday, supposedly, so that's about 100 pgs tomorow and thurs i get to read. plus 'house in earnest' due next tuesday, which is 260ish pages, not to mention everyone says it sucks rocks. so that should be fun. plus more of hte iliad for myth. crazy iliad. that book is at least amusingly nutty. it's rather endearing, really, 'homer' just babbles about the most useless things for 20 pages at a time, then has hardcore violence for awhile (my favorite was the guy who died by punctured bladder via sword thru the ass), then gives some guy's family tree and the complete history of all his armor.
in my calc lab today, the TA had us look at a question in the book he coudlnt answer. none of us could figure it out either. i don't know who makes up these questions, but they are always imensely harder than they have any reason to be. but at least he showed me hte jackassed mistake i made on the test, whcih explained the 1 problem i coudln't solve despite trying to do it like 4 times. somehow i did the same stupid thing each time, too. note to self: negative times negative is positive. i love how i can do calc fine, but i still haven't got the hang of arithmetic. anyway, despite that smooth move, i got a 16 of 17 pts, so yay for dan. i really wish i'd taken more AP tests last year, i could've gotten credit for a bunch of things, methinks, calc I included. (of course, then i wouldn't've taken freshman comp, my favorite class so far here). all i took was us history, got a 3 (of 5, for you not familiar w/ APs), which apparently is worth nuthin (which is odd, cuz according to emily, a 3 on the french AP got her from 503 to 504, but whatever).
i wonder if there's a way to submit to the CDDB, cuz there's lots of cds that aren't listed and should be. KITH, for example.
anyway, john is emailing cordially now, so i guess the "go away" from the other nite is retracted. and speakin of which, it seems gret wants to talk sometime, about 'stuff'. honestly, i'm not sure how i feel abotu that. i dunno, it's not like she stopped being sweet or a good freind or funny, or anything like that, but we somehow lost the ability to converse for more than 10 mins at a time without huge silences (and often, without us getting all pissy too. that was fun).
i still havent mastered the art of longdistance friendships. either we dont talk as much as i'd like, or i'm somehow roped into talking 11 times a day and i go insane. there has to be some sort of happy median. hmm..
i had another point i wanted to make, but i've forgotten it now. damn. hey, does anyone have a good suggestion for what i could do with the bouquet of dried roses i currenlty have taped upside down on my wall? i would just find a vase somewhere to stick them in, but theyre all dried and dark red and goth-looking. and they jus tlook silly, hanging upside down on my wall. and i don't wanna throw them out, cuz lauri gave them to me for my bday (speaking of whcih, george the caterpiller balloon is doing quite nicely), and hell, it's a bouquet of roses.
why is it, on lists of music about nam, i have never once seen "rooster" by alice in chains listed? or, for that matter, any of the 9999 songs metallica did about it. hmm.
i can't wait for next year, when i have no classes before 11. that is gonna rule. goodnite.

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