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because i'm sure you're all desperately interested, here are the classes i registered for. neu's registration system is deranged so i won't have an actual schedule until either 5/14 or 6/1, depending. gotta love not knowing your classes until the 1st day of class, that's a good system all right.

classes i registered for and want:
Legal Writing Workshop - Hahn-Dupont
Evidence - Section II - Borenstein
Jurisprudence - Smith
Negotiation - Baker
Social Change vs. Appropriation; Abolition vs. Reform - Chandler

classes i want but couldn't register for:
Evidence - Section I - Givelber
Administrative Law - Woo
International Law - Lewis

classes i registered for but want less:
Public Health Legal Clinic - Davidson
Community Economic Development Seminar: Sustainable Income Development - Dyal-Chand
International and Foreign Legal Research - Courtney
Social Welfare Law - Williams, L.
Family Law - Adler

classes i want less but couldn't register for anyway:
Advanced Criminal Procedure: Adjudication - Givelber
Poverty Law and Pratice Clinic - Rowan/Holohan
Strategic Litigation (was Private Law/Public Policy) - Daynard
Professional Responsibility - Farber
Health Law - Parmet

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