Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk


i love this damn city! maybe it's just the luck of the people i've met, but i think it's the place itself[1]. when i got off the commuter rail and started walking through downtown, i was really happy to be back here; i don't get that feeling anywhere else. when i go to manch i am happy to see my family and friends, but i don't particularly care that i'm IN manchester. if right now i had to pick a city to live in forever, it would be providence, no question.

[1] although, it's not as though i am talking about my love of the architecture here. the atmosphere of the city is due to the people in it, so in some sense i AM talking about the people -- but it's the community they've made and not simply them as individuals or small groups.

also being down here this wk has reminded me just how comparatively straight-laced my law school world is. there's a certain level of informal relaxation that most of the people i've met in boston don't seem to have any interest in approaching. which is fine for them, but i've been staying at watermyn for a few days and this ridiculous house still feels like home with its broken furniture and badly-painted walls. the other day i was at a noise show in what i can only assume was an illegal warehouse loft space[2] -- i'm sure these sort of shenanigans go on in boston too, but i haven't found it yet.

[2] that place was fantastic, with crazy art all over everywhere and all the rooms looked basically homemade (as in, hallways/room walls were just pieces of wood/random stuff jammed together). i wish i'd had my camera with me. my phone was almost outta power so i couldn't even take pics with that

completely unrelatedly, i bought a book this week. every time i ever went into symposium books, downtown, i would look at this book and think it seemed pretty cool but not ultimately worth it. but then every time, i would still be thinking about it after i'd left and kinda wished i'd gotten it, so finally i figured i'd just buy the damn thing. it's so far[3] rather astoundingly pretentious, but beautifully written. it doesn't appear to have any plot to speak of, and keeps making references to things i've never read, and my classes start up again in 3 damn days anyway, so we'll see how far i get through it.

[3] i'm on pg 13, of 650 dense large pages. it's slow going. but there're diagrams and things! so that's fun.

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