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June 2nd, 2010

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01:19 pm - woo classes
so my schedule for the quarter is: negotiation, evidence, social welfare law, jurisprudence, and social change v appropriation.
plus: something like half the quarter i will have 4 day weekends. (the other half is makeup days for negotiation, and social change, which is thurs-sat for 2 weeks). also, tuesdays off. so that's a whole lotta free time.
minus: as you may have noticed, my classes are almost entirely mon/wed. which means those days will suck. i managed to avoid mondays being 11 straight hrs of class, by the clever expedient of not making it off the waitlist for legal writing, but even so. busy city, those two days. and probably sunday too, getting ready for them.

EDIT: jk i dropped jurisprudence and picked up admin law
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Date:June 2nd, 2010 05:29 pm (UTC)
what are the time limits of the quarter? I've always been on semester, so I know those are roughly jan-may, aug-dec. but I dunno how quarters work
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Date:June 4th, 2010 12:12 am (UTC)
the dates for last year through now (the school is v inconsistent with whether it considers summer to be the end or beginning of the schoolyear):

9/1 - 11/21
11/30 - 2/20
3/1 - 5/22
6/1 - 8/21

each quarter is 11 wks, give or take

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