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August 27th, 2001

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03:01 am - scammery
forgot to mention this.. that free godsmack ticket (whcih i ended up giving to scott, so at least someone got to use it. assuming they managed to get to the show saturday, i havent talked to them yet. hopefully they made it or i think michelle will shoot herself) that i got by registering to vote.. now, 101 had fielded a few questions of people asking what if they already did register? and the answer was basically "o well, nuts to you". so anyway, i also too as well was already registered to vote in manch, but it was absentee style from durham so i wasnt sure if i could re-register here or not. but anyway, at the registration place when the lady asked if i was registered anywhere else, i said durham. i guess the computer didnt say otherwise cuz she gave me a reigstration card and which i forthwith went and got my ticket with. and she also, at my request, gave me a form to get absentee ballots, so i probly was already manch-registered, and cheated the system. yay for dan.
there was something else i wanted to say but i forget now. lj has been extremely mucked up the past few days, grr to them. hopefully i'll remember to copy this post somewhere safe before i try sending it, in case it's eaten by monsters.
tomorrow is my last day off work before saturday, when i'm sposed to go do fencing things at some time or another. and then sunday is move-back-to-school day. meaning tomorrow is pretty much my last chance to get everything done that i need to do before going back. so i assume i'll spend the whole day online :-/
rock101 really plays the same 10 songs over and over and over, i think. it's the only station that comes in at work, so i listen to it most days (i've decided not to bring cds in anymore as the stereo is crap and messed up my deftones cd. usign the magic cleaning stuff worked, but still.. i dont want it to eat my cds) and dammit they need to play more things! the same damn pink floyd, metallica, zep, godsmack, etc every day. at least they have loveline, that's always good entertainment =) damn there's some weird people out there
state: Current Mood
np: Meat Puppets - We're Here

(1 shot upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:August 27th, 2001 02:04 am (UTC)
Current Mood: Current Mood

Yay self-referential statements!!

I play MP3s at work I *lurve* working alone.

wp: DJ Trace & Nico "Area 51"
np: Cookie Rankin "Lament of the Irish Immigrant" (I will need a tissue in three and a half minutes)

It was spooky on Friday, with three other people here it was soooooo quiet!! Normally it is loud when I am here alone, thanks to MP3s =)

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