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swearing rules

"It's legally permissible for stations to air uncut R-rated movies after 10 p.m. -- or to have Letterman and Leno dropping F-bombs," said Dennis Wharton, spokesman for the National Association of Broadcasters. "But you never see or hear that material from broadcasters because of the relationships and expectations we've built with our audiences over decades." []

so why the crapass hell don't motherfucking tv stations take goddamn advantage of this? sure, they'd get attacked by decency groups and lose some advertisers, but they would gain some too. hbo, showtime, etc have shown pretty well that there's a solid market for programming that doens't treat the viewer like a delicate victorian flower. you don't think advertisers would line right up to market their product during true blood?

in unrelated news, i watched white dwarf yesterday. this was a tv movie from 95 that was actually a failed show pilot. it beat firefly to the punch in mixing scifi and western, and then goes ahead and adds medieval and fantasy and 20s elements and basically whatever else they could come up with. it's not superbrilliant, but it's good, and for whatever reason it's stuck with me all these years; it was great to finally watch it again.

in even unrelateder news, i am giving credo another try, and i have this phone on the way:

(hopefully it turns out to be a rebranded disney phone like last time)

welcome to the smartphone revolution of 3 years ago[1], dan! i am excited to fiddle with it. i am most excited for this ebook reader app. READING IS FUN.

[1] dude the first iphone only came out in 2007. shit seems way older than that!

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