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death of privacy - here is where i live

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July 23rd, 2010

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01:37 pm - death of privacy
so ATL retweeted DavidLat (whoever that may be?) as saying "to avoid privacy problems.... (1) live your life as publicly as possible, and (2) teach yourself to care less about your reputation". this was based on a nytimes article [http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/25/magazine/25privacy-t2.html?_r=1] which basically bemoans the fact that the times they are a-changin': why oh why can't privacy and social existence be like it used to be?
well because shit's different now, is why, and the problem isn't changing privacy itself but how that conflicts with old expectations. all the suggestions in that article are basically chasing a moving target--technology and the uses of it march on, and while people may complain about facebook's privacy shenanigans they're still using the damn thing.
for a long time, my theory of perfect privacy has been: either everyone has the option of total anonymity whenever they want, or no one can hide anything ever. (in either case, it has to be universal or it's rife for abuse.) but since that's admittedly pretty science-fiction-y and unlikely[1], i think DavidLat nailed the appropriate response for the present. (1) live your life as publicly as possible, and (2) teach yourself to care less about your reputation.

[1] though things like freenet and to an extent wikileaks make anonymity somewhat possible, if you don't mind the hassle.
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