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August 4th, 2010

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07:26 pm - this week is pretty badass
i am being published! i have a story in http://www.pillhillpress.com/daily-bites-of-flesh.html which is coming out in approximately god knows when [1]. for those of you too lazy to follow links, it's a flash fiction (500 words or less) horror anthology. getting my damn story short enough (499 words!) was surprisingly difficult.

[1] basically, it'll come out when they have enough stories for it. my contract assures me that if it isn't printed within 2 years it won't happen, which isn't what i'd call an encouraging assessment, but hey.

in other news, tomorrow i leave for dc for the nyra convention and general sight-seeing and friend-visiting. i am totally psyched for this! i'll even enjoy the 9.5 hour bus ride, now that i have my fancy smart person phone with ereader and music and shizzzzz. basically all i do anymore is read deryni books on that thing. why do i like the deryni series so much? i honestly can't think of anything positive to say about it except how much i enjoy reading it.
np: Drake - Thank Me Later - 09 - Unforgettable (Ft. Young Jeezy)

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