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August 27th, 2001

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10:46 pm - furthermore
i need to go look thru all my old junk from elementary school sometime. i especially want to find my story about how the president was killed by an arcade game, that was pretty cool. i remember reading it to my class after i wrote it (we got to do that) and alot of them didnt get the end. i don't think they understood how an ellipsis worked (and i didnt know how to end a story without one. i guess just sayign what happened wouldve been too easy).
oh, adn speaking of old stories and junk, it turns out my hunch was right (if i ever mentioned this in here, it was awhile ago. i'm talking to myself now) - perkins has "crystal city"! that abstrad, i need to get it back from him. renny'd been asking about that for awhile
np: alice in chains - sludge factory (unplugged)

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Date:September 8th, 2001 12:54 am (UTC)

Re: Completely out of the blue...

teehe =) i love that ep. so many good ralph lines.. "i can dress myself!"

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