Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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back to school

so i'm back here in my dorm. i still feel disconnected from everyone, like i have the past few weeks, but there are people around now, so i have no excuse to lock myself away. that should help.

it's a shame most of my dorm has sensible sleeping habits, there's no one around now. i could always count on nick being up whenever, last year, but he's off in that apt with felix (i need to go over there sometime. i already miss them being in the dorm).

i need to finish unpacking. i don't even know where my phone is, i have 2 bags and a box left to go through.

i ran out of crackers, but i still have lots of easy cheese left. what hte hell do i do with that now? i tried eating it straight but that's too horrible for even me.

it's about time to switch some userpics again.

with the way my room is set up now (i put the big stupid closet thing on its side and put the bed on top of it, like geoff had it last year), i have room for my guitar this year! yay! tho i do still want to get an accoustic, i don't know..

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