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September 3rd, 2001

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09:04 pm - i'mmmm mellllltttttiinnnggggggg
via the resource meter, i have discovered that every time i open a window in IE and then shut it, my GDI resources goes down 1%. that may not seem like much, but over the course of a night it gets detrimental to my computer not hating me..
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Date:September 5th, 2001 05:15 am (UTC)
Ask yourself if:

- Do I know what has been installed on my computer
- Do I know what changes has been made to my computer's configuration?
- What processes are started when you boot-up?
(check the CurrentControlSets, win.ini and system.ini. Heck, even your autoexec.bat can be filled with garbage).
- Do I have too many fonts installed? And why?
- Do I still use any 16-bit applications?

If you run Win98, get a program that shows you wich processes are running (or on Win 2000, press Control+Alt+Del -> Processes) and which one is taking up too much memory (there are a lot freeware process/module trackers, I think Win95 also has WPS.exe somewhere).

Microsoft also has a 'registry cleaner' program somewhere. Helps so once in a while. I think Win 98 allows you to 'restore' several important files. Also in your Win 98 sys dir is something called the registry back-up ({System}/SysBackup/rb*.cab): so every change made to the registry can be easily reverted.
More tips?

Get to know your computer. You're in charge. Not somebody else's program :-).


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