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i forgot to mention, my computer hates me today. i wanted to print those 2 poems from teh other day on the back of a copy of the peom i'd written for prose, cuz we supposedly were doing something in class today. so before i realized i already had a printout of hte 1st poem and just needed the new ones, i open that up to print it. i then realize, so i go to print the other 2. now, for simplicitys sake, i paste them into the doc i already have open and just delete that part, figuring i'll fix it after i print. so i get them all set pretty, and hit print. and nothing happens. i look in the print properties, it seems ok, but it's not doing anything. the printer didnt even turn on. i turn it on, nothing. try printing again, nothing. cancel the print job, and it won't go away (buncha hrs later, it's still there). ok, fuckit, so i just have hte 1 poem. anyway, in the meantime, word decides to save the file for me, cuz it's smart. i try to revert to the old version but it no longer has that. hmm. so when i'm bored, i'll retype that poem from hardcopy. but just grr to the silly thing.
and since i'm posting, i will say this.. girls rule. they just really do. cept when they suck, which can be often, but for the most part, girls rule.
and now, goodnite for real.

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