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well that's what i get for being athletic

i did some horrible thing to my shoulder this evening, playing volleyball. dammit. and i've had a headache and sore throat all day - not real bad, just enough to be irritating.
got all my books today. yahoo and stuff. they came to about 170 bucks, not too bad i guess.
funny how it's the night BEFORE my first class and i'm already gonna have to be up much of the night to do the work. yay for doing summer reading the night before..
i stopped in at englehardt today to see everyone, and only saw nastassia - wait, that's not true, i saw kim coming out of the mub and walked back with her. but once in ehardt, i went up to the 3rd floor and popped thru the open door labeled nastassia / heron / courtney. only nastassia was there. not that i'm complaining, mind you - i missed her this summer, it was good seeing her [and once again this semester i have a class with her. yay us]. anywayz tho, so i hung about in her room awhile and we talked of nothing, pleasantly. went across the hall and knocked on the door of the new triple - whcih i've heard is actually clean this year, glory be - and no one answered. vaguely heard, and nastassia did as well, people talking inside. perhaps they expect visitors to just waltz in, like last year, but i'm not gonna do that yet w/o knowing the rules. realized too late as i was heading back to my room that i forgot both to viist steph and julie. tomorrow!
O DID I MENTION the godsmack concert in manch, sept 15.. i didnt know if i'd be able to go cuz of opi's wedding, but aparrently he's had to reschedule. w00t! and stuff. i may see them after all. they're playign with saliva, who i could do without but i'm sure i'll enjoy them, and reveille, who rule. ha! so no deftones, but i'm sure they'll be back eventually..
(arright, as much as i enjoy my playlist and it's shuffle feature of playing random songs, sometimes the jump is just too jarring. going from cornell doing "fell on black days" live to mozart doing "eine kleine nacht musik allegro" [well, not him doing so much as someone else doing what he wrote back in the day] did not sit right somehow. plus, this song always reminds me of that damn nick toons commercial.[1])
hmm, before starting this i had only intended to write hte 1st para. go stream of consciousness.

loo.. ney tunes.. you'll find htem on the nick
lots.. of stuff.. enough to make you sick..
psycho.. for when your mind goes
for when you've had enough
of doing grownup stuff
for when you're loony, possitively toony

i don't remember hte end.. i'm impressed i still know that much of it..

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