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"no wait, i'll cover this breast!"

triscuits aren't nearly as good when the easy cheese runs out. they're so dry and salty!

my linguistics class is being taught by a woman who has trouble speaking english. does this seem very odd to anyone else? and my physics teacher has a heavy german accent. i don't think any of the science teachers are american, it's funny. my bible as literature class seems neat-o though! amy [she's in my class, w00t] described the teacher as al kaprelien crossed with forrest gump. "good eeeevening everybody!" =)
and the class sounds cool itself. it is exactly what hte name implies - looking at the bible solely as a piece of literature and ignoring everything people are supposed to 'know' about it all. for example, the fall of satan et al is apparently never mentioned in the bible (except in 1 bit that was meant to refer to the king of somethingorother). after he got done learning everyone's name (he memorized them all so fast! cripes! i suck with names..) we spent most of the class discussing the 1st 4 or so verses of genesis and what they implied to the character of god.
tonite was the 1st fencing practice. i'm pumped to be getting back to that again. the whole never practicing over the summer thing is catching up with me tho, my legs are not used to being used in this fashion.. and we havent even gotten to lunges yet. ouch, that will be. steph's roommate steph (i still say, taht arrangement can only end in tragedy) is fencing this year. hooray! this is only the 2nd time i've met her, but she's cool

i have a lot of homework, considering it's hte 1st week adn all.. (of course, half of it is from fiction. friggin crazy southern lady)

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