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wow. this morning SUCKED MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SUCK. my alarm went off today at 7:40am for calc, i lurched from bed, hit the snooze, thougt better of it and set the alarm for an hour later - for crit analysis whcih i can't miss cuz i'm already past the absense limit thanks mostly to the week after jackson, and she's decided to be a hardass and count them all - and fell back into bed. 10 mins later, the snooze goes off. apparently setting the alarm for an HOUR LATER didn't have anythign to do with that. sure. so i turn it off and on again manually, and figure i'm good. fall back into bed. and don't get any rest for the hour cuz i felt like crap. my eyes hurt when they were open, htey hurt in a different way when they were closed (hmm), my stomach hurt, and i was exhausted. o well. so an hour later the alarm goes off again and i get up, still feeling broken. go to crit analysis, uselss as always, but by the end of class i'm feeling better so thats cool.
o, i forgot to mention, another reason this morning was evil: SNOW. IT SNOWED. I WANT NO MORE SNOW, DAMMIT! NONE! WINTER IS OVER!
but like i siad, i feel better now, and in a min i'm goin to lunch with julie. so the day is good now. yay. and peace reigned over the earth.
kate and pfaff both IMed me this morning at almost hte same time. that was odd, seeing as i havne't talked to either of them in awhile.. i'll occasionaly say hi but theyre always away (kinda like me, but fnarr). so that was neat.
HAHAHAHAH ok this rules. i have a new motto for life:
Katebabes1 (10:55:32 AM): your matzo god was sure watching out for you!!!
gotta love my matzo god, eh? yay..
ok, lunchtime! word em up

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