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worst thing ever! the fire alarm went off today at 5 in the morning. i was half asleep still and thought it was my alarm going off, so i reach out with my eyes closed and smack my alarm clock repeatedly but it won't stop. eventually i realize my alarm a) doesn't sound like that b) isn't HORRIBLY LOUD c) doesn't involve flashing red lights in the hallway. hey, the fire alarm! so i get up, get pseudo dressed, and shuffle outside wondering what hte hell is going on. took the fire truck like 10 mins to show up, and it turned out it was just some bees that got into the fire alarm and set it off. so theres a guy out there now spraying poison shit all over the bee hive. there were two HUGE hives on our dorm when we got here this year. one right over the door at the end of my hallway that got gassed a few days ago - there's nasty bug corpses all over the ground now. so today theyre getting the one over the front door on the fire alarm (why they didnt get that one first is beyond me). so that was my exciting morning. i came back into my room and my alarm clock was on the floor. i dont remember doing that..
after fencing last nite we went to friendlys and got icecream. much fun was had. they have those stupid IQ test things where you have to jump hte pegs and see how few you have left when there are no more jumps to be made. i got it down to 3 a couple times. and the highest score you can get is if you get it down to 8 pegs left with no jumps. we figured out there's only 2 configuratiosn that will work in, and tried to reverse engineer it into those positions, but it doesn't seem to be even possible! there's simply no way for them to end up in those positions and start with the normal setup. o, and we proved how lame we are by getting into heated video game conversations, then another table started arguing about if D&D is cool or not =) fencers rule! so anyway, i got back from all that around midnite and there was NO ONE in my dorm. it was weird. they were all asleep or out partying i guess. no wait, aly was still up, but she was getting ready to go to bed
i remember at the freshman jukebox, mimi told me there was some hot freshman girl she knew moving into my dorm that she was gonna introduce to me. i wonder which one she meant
the RA in woodruff is crazy. he was saying how we should put hte tv in the lounge on a schedule and people are only allowed to use it at certain times, to promote community or something. and he's SCARY. he stopped at my room last nite to ask me somethin and he saw my boxing rabbi doll and started playin wiht it, and he was goin nuts. he had it singing and yelling at god "whyyyy", it was weird. he's such an intense guy, and he's one of those people who looks like he's staring all the time, which doesnt help. he says he's gonna get a boxing nun and we should do a puppet show
there's some comedian juggler guy in the mub tonite, i'll probably go to that, then head to ehardt and see whats up. i STILL havent seen julie this year, she's never at her room when i stop by. fnarr. tho i did note this: a couple days ago, i wrote something on the msgboard on her door to the effect of "dangit, you're not here". there was a buncha other stuff written on the board too. the next day, everything else was erased but my msg was still there. still here yesterday too, so i added to it a little.. [shrug] i dunno, man
thursday i went over to the stephs' room and ended up hangin out there for a few hours til dinner (which somehow went from the 3 of us to being a million people at 2 tables). o yeah, i thought this was kinda odd: dave's probly seen more of me this week than all summer, so of course he chooses last nite to send me an email bout how'm i doing he hasnt seen me in awhile. uhmm ? it made me happy tho, all the same.
lazardos "welcome back jack" show is tomorrow!! yay! =)
local h is(was?) a fuckin great band

all the kids, they hold a grudge
you fail them and they won't forget it

o yeah, if anyone feels like leaving me stupid voicemail messages: 603-295-3053. go nuts.

this is such a weird song

i want to play smash bros now. dammit, where's art! or nick, he was always up for a game. haha, he randomly showed up the other nite when we were watching "red dawn" (what a messed up movie), i'd forgotten how funny he is. it's not even really what he says, just the delivery. he's such a nutty guy.

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