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apathy is tempting

so today was the 'welcome back jack' show. it was quite possibly the best show i've ever been to, definiltey the most energetic.
o yeah, so start at the beginning. alarm goes off at 11. i get up at 11:20 and rouse myself to get ready by 11:40. yay. i hate waking up. i never want to. but anyway, so i get up, drive to manch. stop in at the mall, take longer than it should have to find the food court, and head into the arcade, where opiummmm is working for the day. he was doing exactly what i would do if someone was ever stupid enough to leave me in charge of an arcade - playing games for free. i only recognized him from his hair.. in my defense, i've only seen userpics and he was busy fighting ninja scorpion robots when i got there. we didnt talk much - i could only stay a few minutes and he offered me a free game, which how the hell can i pass that up. 12 free credits on house of hte dead! sheeit. and i didnt really have anything to say anyway. i hate that feeling.. when you want to be talking but have absolutely nothing to say. mmph. so yeah, but i met him anyway, and shook his hand. so s'all good
i get that feeling aroudn joanne alot too. i dunno. she lives in the minis now so we're wicked close by
i think i'll listen to all my vast songs and go to bed. i should go to bed.
so, go to steph's house at 1, when she said to show up so we could drive to the show (i was givin her a ride). of course she wasnt ready til 1:30. and i'd felt bad bein a few mins late.. fnarr. so as i said, the show was amazing. 5 bucks was passable. i can never get into opening bands, it's funny. i take 1 band to warm up. also to feel secure that i can dance without being mocked. but yeah. they played "colonol sanders", that was unexpected. and i got my neck broken by nice hardcore kids during that. it was rather painful. but o well. as usual, they started and ended with smoke on the water, but he didnt do a full version either time, which was disapointing. i dont think that song will ever top when they played it at the lazardos cd release party. now THAT was a good 5$ show.. for smoke, at the end, he kicked the mic stand into the crowd so we could better scream along and by the end of hte song was just hitting his guitar against a beam in the ceiling in time to the beat. WHUMP.. WHUMP WHUMP as we all scream and climb over each other for the mic. i want to be a rock star
lazardos on next, were AMAZING. so much energy,a nd the crowd was so into it. it was beautiful. and they did 2 new songs - some hardcore one i could barely hear, and "just being friends is just being retarded". i feel something you don't..
big d were great, but anti-climactic after that. and they didnt play "quiet room" or "stupid mind" the big jerks
drove joanne and steph back. joanne's mom is crazy and made us drink these cans of juice she had
there was a large gathering in the mub for no reason. dave said i should go cuz he hasnt seen me in forever. i pointed out he'd seen me 2 days ago and he got confused. [shrug]
julie was in hte mub and i just continued eating cuz i'm smart. i'm getting to be good freinds w/ steph (the 1st steph's roommate). she's damn cool
lauri sent me an email tonite about how i suck. i'm not sure how i feel about it yet, tho good is not at the top of the list
vcr in the lounge is broken. or we're all just idiots and can't make it work, which is probly closer to the truth
maybe i'll read til i get tired. i want to read more of house of leaves before i totally forget what's going on. i'm just getting into the labarynthiane section so it'll be slow going. i still havent done any of my damn fiction homework (i've got some part of 1 scene [won't know how much of it til it's done, but i think it's a lot] and an idea for a story i can't develop into an actual story. i think i'll try to finish that guy talking to the girl thing and pass taht off. she won't have to know i didnt do the assignment (we're sposed to write it all in 1 sitting. if i can finish in 1 it'll have been 2 total, that's not so bad. of course, it has to be 5 pgs max and i think that was 4 already, so it probly won't work)
i was thinking while i wrote this that no one cares about this stuff. and i decided screw you all, it's my journal and i wanna write this. then i was thinking that i don't care about any of this either, so now i'm not sure why i wrote it at all. it helped tho, i think
i wish this day couldve ended when i was driving back to steph's dorm with her nintendo she forgot in my car. somewhere around that wouldve been fine. or even right after the show

addendum: i forgot to mention that, that being basically jack's show, he got many emo moments sent his way. a lot of the crowd (and probly the bands) was there mainly to support him. at the end of hte lazardos set, everyone just chanted "jack! jack!" for a minute, and cheered. he just smiled and fidgeted behind the drum set, not really sure how to respond

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