Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

  • Music:

this cd RULES


Ain't Talkin' Bout Love - Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Motorbreath - MU330
Kiss Me Deadly - Reel Big Fish
Cherry Pie - Nicotine
We're Not Gonna Take It - Less Than Jake
Big Balls - The Pietasters
Iron Maiden - Big D and the Kids Table
Wanted Dead or Alive - The Slackers
Kickstart My Heart - The Porkers
Don't Tell Me You Love Me - Johnny Socko
The Final Countdown - Furillo
You Give Love a Bad Name - Skif Dank
Ballroom Blitz - Peacocks
Talk Dirty To Me - Regatta Go
The Trooper - Thumper

i need a userpic involving someone giving the metal sign, i think. i'll get to work on that

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