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fencing is in full swing, i'm enjoying it. it's nice to do SOMEthign athletic and well-being-ly. plus it's just damn fun. even at the beginning when we're just doing crap footwork drills the whole time - coach said we won't really get to using weapons for another week or 2 [tho we will a little bit friday so the newbies get a better idea what each blade is like and what they want to do. steph seems to be set on doing foil, dangit. ah well, not like i wont still see plenty of her there and otherwise. we've really clicked as friends, it's nice. reminds me of nastassia last year, she's just instantly someone i can hang out with and be a goof], and foot work is a pain in the ass, but it's just all good. i like fencing =) some of hte new kids this year and kinda drab, but there are some cool ones too. some people keep disapearing tho - vince, nikki, jim, michelle, kelly.. o, speakin of whcih, erin came back today! w00t. i get the same feeling from her as i got from laura before i got to know her - that she doesn't really like me much, but has no particular reason to not be pleasant to me. like i'm tolerated. of course with laura that didnt last, she genuinely likes me, hopefully i get that from erin too at some point, cuz she's neat. not to mention being one of the most attractive people i've ever seen
there are a bunch of people i've been meaning to call or visit or talk to or whatever, but havent had a chance. i finally called michelle today, so of course she wasnt there, and judging from past experience she'll never get the msg i left with her mom. ah well. and i was about to call laur when i realized i had about 3 min to get to fencing. dammit. i was tempted to skip but really can't this early in the season. we did advance lunges today, which i really forgot how to do it seems. i keep going into the lunge without bringing the back foot forward. argh. and brian pointed out what i'd always kinda realized but never paid attention to, that i'm letting my momentum carry me way too much. and i'm still afraid i'm landing with my leg crooked and im' gonna sprain that muscle again, or just tear it or something. apparently i need to exercise my abductors and adductors to get that fully taken care of. hmm
today is steph's bday (unfencing steph, hte main steph]. she wasnt in her room when i went by so i left a msg on her door. ah well. i'll pop in tomorrow. o wait, her family's takin her out tomorrow.. hm, guess i'll go before my lab. ooh, my 1st physics lab is tomorrow! i wonder what we'll do... i skipped physics this morning, my 1st skip of the semester. alarm went off and i really had no motivation to get up or stay awake. i wasnt ready to face the world yet, i felt drained. so i went back to sleep and when i woke up again just lay there for awhile, thinking. i got out of bed around 12:30. ah, college life..
went to dinner w/ amy after class and we met shaka there (no one else was there). i got food and then couldnt find them so i went and ate w/ some woodruffians who were there. i hope they werent lookin for me, i'd feel bad.
my bible as literature teacher today proved himself to be, aside from really amusing and interesting and seinfeld/kaprilian-like, as was previously established, he's a really dick about his opinions being questioned. he was saying how noah was presented as a schlumpy eyeore type of guy, and people started arguing with him and he got all bitchy. he kept challenging them to show exactly where in the text their view was presented and ignored it when someone asked him where his view was coming from. fnarr. he just wants to teach and have us nod our heads yes, i think. if it wasnt so fascinating to do so most of the time, i'd be more annoyed than i was

finally got around to using my free rental coupon to get unbreakable. i think that's the 4th time i've seen that, now. not as brilliant as i remembered, but it's still a hella good movie. got the dvd cuz we have a player in the lounge - it was a 2 disc set, one for hte movie and one for hte extras. i don't knwo why they did it that way, there didnt seem to be enough extras to warrant a whole other disc for it. they were very cool tho, there was some commentarys on various things (an interesting piece on comic book heroes) and deleted scenes, which were really cool. the scene in the restaurant seemed a little flat in the directing, maybe it was a 1st take?, but it was a very effective bit. he's right tho, the point had already been made, there was no need to be that forceful about it. i think they shoudlve kept the shower part in before tho, because you never see him release after the crash and dammit he has to do SOMEthing. i think they couldve skipped joseph in his bed and kept it in from the tv going - maybe even shorten that a bit, we dont need details of what happened, really. and the priest scene was interesting but really served no purpose. we learn more about the priest than david, whcih does no good cuz he's not a character. the church part always did strike me as noticably short, but throwing any more in before he gets the note woudl throw the pacing off. and hte flashback at the carnival was just sad - we dont need an echo of the train station, the point has been well made what his life has been like..
o, and i laugh at this line every time: "don't shoot your friends, joseph." words to live by. o yeah, watched most of hte movie w/ andrea, one of hte freshmen. she's interesting. kinda reminds me of dani tho..

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