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what a day, what a day

so today was interesting. get up and did.. um.. something i forget now, for a bit. had chef boyardee lasagna for lunch =) mmm. had my physics lab at 3 and hte homework was due today so i was doing that. dammit it made no sense, some of it. we've got this webassign(.com if you're curious) thing to do homework online, which is cool cuz it tells you immediatley waht you did wrong and u get 5 tries on stuff. for weirdos like me who are entertained by math puzzles (i just hate being forced to do busywork, hence not liking homework i might enjoy for its own sake), this is a nifty lil thing. i can never tell on my own, after all, if i did something right or not. most of hte problems were hella easy, but the last 2 i am still entirely stumped by. since hte deadline is over (it was midnite tonite) the answers are given, i just have no clue how to get them. in case anyone here is a closet physics nerd, feel free to instruct:
4. To stop a car, you require first a certain reaction time to begin braking. Then the car slows under the constant braking deceleration. Suppose that the total distance moved by your car during these two phases is 56.7 m when its initial speed is 82.5 km/h, and 24.4 m when the initial speed is 50.3 km/h.
(a) What is your reaction time?
answer: 0.609 s
(b) What is the magnitude of the deceleration?
answer: 6.14 m/s^2

5. A drowsy cat spots a flowerpot that sails first up and then down past an open window. The pot was in view for a total of 0.41 s, and the top-to-bottom height of the window is 1.85 m. How high above the window top did the flowerpot go?
answer: 3.28 m

so anywayz, then i had my lab. WORST THING EVER!!!!! ye gods and little fishies, that was a waste of time. on the plus side, sean somethingorother, who was my lab partner essentially at random, turned out to know carter, and upon further thought i did vaguely recognize him. so that was cool. anyway tho, so the TA , like every other teacher at this school, did not speak englihs very well. he said he'd been in the usa for 2 1/2 weeks. hmm. apparently he's from retardia or something, he did not understand anything i asked him. the lab was to learn how to use the computer to make graphs and then jam hte printer when we all try to print them out at once. yeah. at 1st it was pretty easy, even tho following the TA's directions meant skipping many of the steps given in our lab manuals (which were helpfully not bound in any fashion, so i now have a large book-shaped pile of papers in my bag whcih i assume will be all crumpled and out of order in about 20 minutes). not that i was complaining, cuz hte stuff we skipped sounded like a pain in the ass. or maybe he said to do that stuff when i was busy doing hte stuff he said to do right before that, cuz he wouldnt stop after saying things so we all were trying to keep up with him and figure out what's going on. the 3rd graph was the worst - it was to make a gaussian curve, we each got a pile of about 20 index cards with numbers on them and had to graph the #s. my graph ended up being all lopsided and not very gaussian, but whatever. i didnt pick the #s, so it's not my deal. now the problem therein was twofold: we had to figure out hte mean value and the whatchamacallit thingy to signify the amount of error in the measurements. there were equations given for how to do it by hand, which didn't technically make any sense, in as much as we were supposed to, at 1 point, add the sums of a variable never given and a constant whcih was marked as changing. so he wrote hte equation on the board and it still made no sense (tho it was different from the one in hte book, i guess that's some kind of progress). so sean went to ask him what that was all about while i attempted to do the other half of the problem, which was having the computer graph and compute this stuff for us. this involved putting a huge equation into the computer, but of course they coudlnt be bothered to give us the equation in the form it was to be put in to the computer, it was just written out and we had to fix it up (i tried to explain to him why this would be a good idea but he didnt seem to understand. he jsut kept pointing to the square root symbol and saying it was like to the power of 1/2). which would have been easier if it wasn't WRITTEN INCORRECTLY. damnit. but eventually that worked too - tho my numbers were way off so i suspect something was still b0rked - and we got to the last 2 questions. which had never been explained. he attempted to explain them but didnt make any sense, but he ended up just giving me the answer (tho he seemed to be guessing himself so i hope it's right). turns out the # if it is all done properly is around 68%, mine was at 13%. he said cuz there werent enough numbers given at hte beginning (the cards), it's nothing to do with the work we did. but still, can't htey give us problems where it's possible to get hte right # at the end..
so, after that, i was planning to go over to steph's and say happy day after her bday since i never got to see her yesterday. on the way i stopped by julie's to write on her msgboard cuz she's never there.... cept she was there! w00t! so we went to dinner (steph was out w/ her family at the time anyway, as i realized), twas good. heron showed up a lil after, and played kiwi games. oh, and aegis is starting up again! the 1st meeting was tonite but it didnt count cuz they never bothered to tell anyone about it (i ran into matt in the mub, is how i knew), so i didnt go. the first real meeting is next week. now i officialy have no free evenings on any weekday. yay for me.
o and speaking of having no free time, i stopped at the coffee office to get an application, cuz it seems like a good low-key place to work and it's 7/hr and theyre pretty desperate for people. the girl there told me to talk to some guy in some office. there was no one there, so she sent me downstairs to the food court to find some old guy. he took me out back and gave me hte job interview: "do you want to work?" "yes." "you're hired" and said that he'd put me on the shift and i could fill out hte paperwork to make it official some other time. i said that hte reason i just wanted to pick up an application is cuz i didnt know when i could work, and he FLIPPED OUT saying how it would be a huge waste of time for me to fill one out if my schedule didnt match and thats why he had to put me on 1st adn why would i come if i dont know when i can work and fuckin blah blah blah, and then he stopped for a sec, and said that i should cehck my schedule and come back tomorrow. i'm a little afraid to tho, now, i dont wanna work for that crazy dude. plus, him being in the food court and not hte coffee office, i dunno where i'll be put. i really don't wanna work downstairs, that place sucks. we shall see..
then came back here and watched most of the big lebowski, which art was playing in the luonge at MASSIVE VOLUME to drown out hte ridiculous drunk girls being silly upstairs (every so often we'd hear a thud and giggly laughter), then organized some of my junk i hadnt unpacked yet. and i put up some more stuff on my walls. w00t

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