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yeah. so most of today was nuthin. starts getting groovier after dinner.. i randomly decided my isolation is lame and went to callin people. 1st i called michelle who wasnt home - actually i've been trying to call her for a few days now cuz of the show saturday[1] but she's never home. she'd left me a msg this morning when i was at physics,saying how she didnt know if i was here or home (??) but i shoudl call her tomorrow and we'll see what's up. so anywayz, called lauri after that, and she was at work. so laur, if your mom didnt say i called, i called. then called lyzi, who by golly WAS home and we talked til i had to go to fencing. that was nice. and fencing was good, we finally got to do actual fencing instead of just footwork. and LORD DO I SUCK. i have seriously forgotten how to do everything. i can't remember any of the parrys, my point is all off, it sucked hardcore. tho i randomly got a couple good touches (nailed andy on his hand when he was extending, ha!) by pure luck. which is how i generally operate, but i can usually work it better than that at least. i'm way outta practice, it's kinda funny. but now is hte season of.. um.. practicing more! so yeah, and stuff. then after fencing (o and i got to talk to michelle for a little, cuz she was workin in the whitt tonite. dude she needs to be around more often) i was walkin towards the quad, and there was a giant crowd in front of the mub. turned out they were playin a movie on the lawn like theyd been planning to do tuesday, before tuesday became suck. i also noted that the movie being played was shrek, instead of pearl harbor as theyd been planning. so anyway, the 1st people i see in the crowd, by massive luck (considering it was a big enough crowd) was dave and jeff. and some kids i dont know with them, but they dont count. so the movie ended like 5 mins after i got there and we walked back to the quad (picking up steph and mimi along the way, tho steph ran off when we got there). ended up spending the whole nite hanging out in the quad, as more and more people showed up and then went away again. met a bunch of random girls (a big crew from hunter[2], and 2 girls carter knows) and this kid jarod who randomly started talking to us and he was wicked drunk, he reminded me of cooseman. that was fun.

[1] goin to godsmack/reveille/saliva tomorrow! w00titude!
[2] this one girl, whose name is actually crystal but everyone calls her wrangler cuz godbout decided for absolutely no reason that was her name, spent most of hte evening trying to figure jeff out. he was being his normal fucked self and offending everything that can possibly be offended but meaning none of it cuz he's just a nut. she was getting all offended cuz she's PC but at the same time was amused. it was quite amusing. jeff was weirder than normal tonite actually, he kept going off on these rainman deals where he'd keep saying the same thing for like 5 minutes. and he'd leave and come back for no reason. i dunno. o, and wrangler looks like tina druin, who apparently has a picture of her and A.C. SLATER on her site!! i need to find that address again and check this out

so yeah, was outside for over 4 hrs and it's EXTREMELY FREEZING and it sucks. and when i went to dhop they only had 1 slice left, the jerks. i coulda waited 4 minutes for anothdr pizza to come out, but hell with that. and, um.. i had somethign else to say. i remember having something i was gonna say in here. fuck! what was it. i hate that..

o hey, for all you sendin out "the americans", that gordon sinclair piece, here's the real deal: [don't worry, it's still good]

o yeah, and the name of hte next lazardos song: come on eileen..... 's face

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