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that's how many i've gone thru today. they keep getting blown for no damn reason! seriously, like every time the door gets closed today, the bulb goes fwoop! and dies. if there wasn't a handy supply of them in the lounge for me to pillage, this would be even worse, but it's still damn irritating. so i called maintenance and the guy came over and tapped the wall and tapped the bulb and tapped the fixture, and decided the problem was the bulbs the university gives us are too cheap and shoddy, but the maintenance folk are issued good bulbs to give out to people who deserve them or something. he didnt'have any with him but he said he'd leave a note for someone to bring me one. so alls well that hopefully ends well.
oh, and point of amusement: about 30 seconds after i call maintenance, art suddenly appears and asks me what's wrong with my light. apparently he has a short wave radio that he has tuned to the unh bands or something. yay for too much free time! if i could spy on people, i wouldn't pick unh

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