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Tide With Color Safe Bleach

TWCSB (1:06:31 AM): So
TWCSB (1:06:35 AM): OH MY GOD
TWCSB (1:06:39 AM): i forgot!
TWCSB (1:06:39 AM): youre jew
TWCSB (1:06:42 AM): I cant talk to you
TWCSB (1:06:45 AM): JEWISH
King Nixon (1:06:48 AM): hmmm
TWCSB (1:06:49 AM): ByE !
King Nixon (1:06:50 AM): wha?
TWCSB (1:06:52 AM): :-):-)
TWCSB (1:07:06 AM): so... whats it like to be a jew ?
King Nixon (1:07:13 AM): lol
TWCSB (1:07:16 AM): does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy in the inside ?
TWCSB (1:07:26 AM): occasionally , yes ?
TWCSB (1:07:46 AM): :-)
King Nixon (1:08:14 AM): welllllll, see, it's kind of like eating a hot dog. sometimes it's really good, especially with chili and nacho cheese and stuff, but sometimes it's not cooked right and the bun is soggy, and it's just gross. but then you just get a hamburger or something and you're ok.
King Nixon (1:08:19 AM): and that's what it's like
TWCSB (1:09:18 AM): wow, that is exactly how i wouldve guessed it wouldve been like too... we truely are meant for eachother
King Nixon (1:09:42 AM): maybe you're just meant to be a jew
TWCSB (1:10:00 AM): ya know , i think that may be it
TWCSB (1:10:07 AM): except...
TWCSB (1:10:15 AM): ... i dont think i am short enough
King Nixon (1:10:28 AM): so cut off your legs
TWCSB (1:10:33 AM): you know how all you hot dogs have to stay the same size together..
TWCSB (1:10:48 AM): and be a deformed hot dog ? I think not.
TWCSB (1:11:02 AM): ewww.sogggggy
King Nixon (1:11:17 AM): hey, your'e not one of them hot dog bigots, are you? hot dogs can be of all sizes, shapes, creeds, condoments, and spokespersons!

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